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Arabic Language Courses:



Are you thinking of learning Arabic?

Would you have liked to study Arabic at university, but couldn’t afford the fees or time?

Would you like to learn intensively?

When we founded the Ibn Jabal Institute, we knew that with the right techniques we could condense the learning of a university degree down. In fact we can teach the first year in just three weeks of intensive lessons, effectively and comprehensively. We also have advanced intensive classes for those wishing to develop their existing understanding of this rich, beautiful language.

We have four different levels – from a five-lesson beginners’ course where you’ll learn the absolute basics of the Arabic alphabet, to our fifteen-lesson Level 3 course, where you’ll be analysing Arabic texts and poetry. You could complete them all in just 50 lessons! That’s as little as 10 weeks!

We’ve drawn from our collective experiences of teaching to combine traditional approaches from the Arab world and the Indian sub-continent, with conventional language teaching techniques used in the West, to create courses that aren’t just intensive, but effective.

And we have courses to suit every lifestyle! Including;

Summer School – each level is condensed into just three weeks of intensive lessons!

Gap Year Programme – our most ambitious programme yet! Condensing the knowledge of a three-year degree into a one-year programme.

Evening Classes – for those looking for a more flexible learning experience.

Taster Classes – as a taste of our programme, we invite you to sit through a lesson of Level 1 before you commit to one of our courses! You won’t be disappointed.

And much, much more!

Plus, as a charity, all of our profits go into a scholarship fund. We sponsor promising students to help them continue their studies.

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